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All Sciences Poster Session for SLA 2015

The All Sciences Poster Session review committee is now accepting submissions for early approval. Because we know many of you rely on presenting at All Sciences to help you get funding to attend the conference, this year we will be reviewing poster submissions in December. We will inform those who have been accepted by the end of the year so they can take advantage of early bird pricing on registration.

Please send your submissions to by the end of December 20th. In your e-mail, please include your name, institution, email address, Division(s) affiliation, poster title, and poster abstract (250 words or less).

Any SLA member is welcome to submit an abstract. Your submission MUST include the objective and methods sections of the structured abstract. The objective section (for which you may substitute the research question) may not exceed 60 words, and the methods section (which may include brief descriptions of the population and expected results) may not exceed 140 words. We do not require results and conclusions at this point, although you must be able to present them on the final poster.

If you are not ready to submit now, the final deadline will be at the end of March 2015.

If you have any questions, please contact Beth Thomsett-Scott at

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Going to SLA 2014 in Vancouver?

Are you starting to make plans for SLA 2014 in Vancouver?

Visit the Western Canada Chapter’s conference hosting website ( for insider information from chapter members on hotel choices, recommended activities, getting to and from the airport, and short trips you could add to your visit.

What appeals most to you most . . .

  • a week long dramatic Alaska cruise to see a glacier?
  • a half-day train trip to golf or hike in nearby Whistler?
  • an early ferry ride followed by elegant afternoon tea in Victoria?

In the coming days, look for more information about why you might choose each conference hotel (HQ hotel info is available now) and a post specifically about budgeting your stay if you’re filling out an expense estimate.

As the conference approaches, we’ll add more about our favourite attractions, restaurants and activities.

When you visit Vancouver you can be assured of dining options to suit every budget and dietary preference (gluten free? vegan? steak lover? we’ve got it!), and spectacular outdoor experiences to balance the time you’re inside enjoying the conference.

We’re excited to be welcoming you to our beautiful city and looking forward to answering your questions so don’t hesitate to ask!

Information Shared by:
Christina de Castell & Patricia Cia,
Host Chapter Committee co-chairs & SLA Fellows

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Petition for a SLA Data Caucus

Be a Founding Member of the Data Caucus!

Does your job require you to be involved in some aspect of the data lifecycle?  Or perhaps you are interested in gaining skills with regard to this burgeoning area of expertise for librarians and information professionals.  You may be interested in signing our petition to create a Data Caucus within the Special Libraries Association.

Information professionals are increasingly applying their skills in terms of organization, access, preservation, and management to data objects. The data lifecycle — creating, processing, analyzing, preserving, giving access and re-using data — has become the responsibility of information professionals in a new area of practice often referred to as data librarianship. However, data management is not limited to those with a background in librarianship: data practitioners can range from research scientists and specialists in cyberinfrastructure to the academic subject librarian who supports the research efforts of a single discipline.  SLA members charged with data responsibilities will form the core of the caucus membership. Data continues to permeate every area of practice, and it’s expected that the Data Caucus will include members from every corner of SLA.

Goals of the Caucus include:
Awareness of data lifecycles across all disciplines
Keep on top of new technologies
Market to individuals and organizations from venues outside SLA and attract new members to SLA
Provide structure and support for members conducting data projects
Partner with a variety of SLA units to conduct programming
Communicate to caucus members through established SLA communication channels such as a wiki, blog, discussion list and social media as appropriate.
Hold an annual meeting of the caucus at the SLA Conference.

If you would like to be a member of this caucus, please fill out this survey.
[ ]

If you have any questions, please contact one of the SLA members below who have worked hard to bring you this new caucus:

Elaine Bergman Past Chair, Social Science Division (
Marie Fraties-Block, DCHE, Michigan Chapter
Lee Pedersen, DCHE, PAM, RI Chapter
Kim Silk – Toronto Chapter, LMD, DSOC, DACA

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2014 SLA Board of Directors Election Results

The election for the Special Libraries Association (SLA) Board of Directors drew to a close on Wednesday, 25 September, with 25.47% of SLA members casting votes. The voting resulted in 5 members being elected to the association’s 2014 Board of Directors:

*       President-Elect: Jill Strand
*       Chapter Cabinet Chair-Elect: James King
*       Division Cabinet Chair-Elect: Juliane Schneider
*       Director: Moy McIntosh
*       Director: Bethan Ruddock

The 5 new Board members begin their terms on 1 January 2014, and will attend their first in-person Board meeting at the SLA Leadership Summit <> , 15-17 January, in Memphis, Tennessee. They will join 10 current members of the SLA Board of Directors <>  whose terms continue through 2014.

Read and share the full press release:

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Silicon Valley SLA Chapter Shares Presentations on YouTube

The Silicon Valley Chapter of the Special Libraries Association has a YouYube channel where they post videos of events they sponsor. The latest posting is Phoebe Ayers’ talk, “The Past, Present, and Future of Wikipedia” presented at the 2013 San Francisco / Silicon Valley Chapters Joint Meeting. Check it out!

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#SLAtalk: Let’s Get Technical

September’s #SLAtalk will feature your ideas on how information professionals will effectively provide access to the increasingly changing nature of information.

We’re pleased to be joined by IET (the Institute of Engineering and Technology) who will be co-hosting and participating in #SLAtalk: Let’s Get Technical. IET is a valued exhibitor and sponsor of SLA events, so let’s show them a warm welcome to the #SLAtalk world! (follow their new handle: @IETInnovates)

When: Tuesday, September 10th, 17:30 UTC (13:30 EDT / 10:30 PDT)

Questions to answer:

  • Open Access: How is open access influencing and revolutionizing the way users access information? (first 15 minutes)
  • Analytical Skills: How do you as an information professional assess the credibility of new information and/or resources? What trends do you see in information needs? (second 15 minutes)
  • Information Discovery Trends: How do student researchers or young professionals discover, use and share information? Are there telling differences between new & veteran researchers? (third 15 minutes)
  • Big Data: Do you play a role in sharing, organizing, and analyzing ‘Big Data’? Do you think it will live up to its hype in the coming years? (last 15 minutes)

For more info on #SLAtalk – check out How to SLA Talk

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B&F Division Call for CE Proposals

Are you interested in teaching a Continuing Education (CE) course to your colleagues?‏

The SLA Business & Finance (B & F) Division is accepting proposals for B&F division-sponsored continuing education courses at the 2014 Annual Conference & INFO-EXPO, which will be held in Vancouver, B.C., Canada on June 8 – 10, 2014.

Planning for the CE programs is already underway.  So if you have a great idea for either a full-day or half-day course, contact Jeff Graveline (, Director, Professional Development, SLA B&F Division, for a proposal form right away.  CE proposals are due by August 16, 2013.

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Looking Back with Jill Hurst-Wahl

Looking Back…as a director on the SLA BoardJill_HurstWahl

In January 2011, I (Jill Hurst-Wahl) joined the SLA Board of Directors after being elected by you. I joined already knowing much of what the Board was discussing, because I had been keeping my eyes and ear open, and because as a Board candidate I had been able to listen to the Board meetings for several months. I knew that I was joining a Board that had work to do!

During my first year on the Board (2011), my biggest challenge was learning how things really operate in the Association. No matter how much you know about a group, how it really works may not be known… Keep reading.

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Get Involved with UNYSLA

There are several ways to get involved including conference planning, board positions, networking events, and so much more! Send inquiries to anyone listed on our About page, or fill out our Contact Us form.

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